Look inside you, find your true self


There were so much sweet things about Lea and the fact that she heard her humming at the moment was one of them. The girl really was a born star when she even sang when she was kissing someone. Dianna let out a giggle when Lea sucked at her tongue, but the giggle…

"I am sorry. You are right. It’s just so difficult to hols my hands to myself.I have dreamed and daydreamed about this so often and I thought it never could be reality for me. And now I am holding you in my arms like this and I am allowed to kiss you and it amazing, but you are so hot and my brain kind of stops to work when I am so close to you. Plus my hormones kick in. I feel like a teenage girl." Di started to ask herself why she was explaining it to Lea. Maybe she should try.to stop feeling guilty about so many things. "I can’t promise if we keep kissing that I can hold myself under control." Di slided off Lea’s body and laid down next to her. " I am kind of tires and weak. Too much crying in the last few days. That’s exhausting" She sighed and turned her body so she was lying on her side with her back turned to Lea. She reached with her hand for Lea’s arm and placed it on her stomach, with her own hand covering it. She bend her knees and could feel Lea’s legs clos to her. Spooning was her favourite way to fall asleep. "Is it okey for you like that?"

Returning home//Achele

Dianna got out of the Taxi two corners away from the house. She didn’t want to ruin the surprise, so she had decided to walk the rest of the way, despite it meant that she had to carry her heavy suitcase. Good that it had rolls and she could pull it behind her. The flight had seemed to be endless and the pleasant anticipation to be back in america had grown from moment to moment. The anticipation had been caused by being happy to see her friends again, being home in america finally and last but not least (the most important thing to be honest) seeing her beautiful girl again. Being away from her had caused heartache. Dianna had missed to look in her eyes, her smell, her laughter, simply everything. She was so happy that the production department had given her the possibility to do the rest of the work on the movie, liking speaking the voices in a recording studio and stuff like that, in america. Dianna just turned around the last corner and her smile instantly widened while her heart started to jump inside of her chest. She quickly put the key in the keyhole and turned it around, hoping firmly that Lea would be at home like she had said in her text message.. 

Girls night//Rivergron


“If you keep complimenting me like this, Di, I’m going to start to think you have a girl crush on me.” Naya said with a little smirk before chuckling. Hearing Dianna’s questions, Naya just shook her head and looked around the bar avoiding her eyes.” No reason, can we just drop it?” Naya asked her before she let out a chuckle at her next words.” Please, that was one time, and like I’ve told you, I’m not that type anymore. I know this might be to much information, but I haven’t had sex in awhile, hell I haven’t even thought about dating.” Naya said truthfully as she looked down at her hands.” That was to much information, Di. Now every time I look at your trailer I’m going to think of you and Lea. Yep, already picturing it.” Naya said with a smirk before nudging Dianna with her shoulder. She let out a sigh, before her shoulders sagged in defeat.” I don’t want to do this, Dianna. I don’t want to put myself out there, only to find out I’m not as good as I think I am. I don’t want to find out my fans hate my music, but only love me on Glee. And then what will happen to me when Glee finishes? I’ll just be that girl on that show, that everyone has forgotten. I just… I don’t want this, I don’t know why I put this on myself, but I no longer what this sort of pressure.” Naya admitted, cursing herself for getting worked up about this. She quickly rubbed her eyes with the balls of her fists, hoping to stop herself from crying.

“I did, actually. Oh come on, you can tell me, Di. That is totally not fair by the way. You get all the hot images and I’m sitting here with nothing. Its not nice to not share you know?” Naya asked while wiggling her eyebrows up and down, letting Dianna know she was joking around.” And that is why you love me, because I always say what I want too. Whats the point in not saying what you really feel? People always want to hear the truth, so you know, why not give it to them?” Naya asked her as she fiddled with her hands some more.” Yeah well some parents force their children to not be gay. Sometimes parents just don’t know how to deal with things like that. We think its hard on the kids, but we forget that it’ll be hard on the parents too.” Naya said, as she let out a sigh.” That was actually really hard to play if I was being truthful with you. I didn’t actually want it to happen. Since they made it that Santana looked up to her Abuela. Now I’m not sure if they are going to continue that story line or not.” Naya said as she shook her head.

Naya rolled her eyes before poking Dianna in the side with her finger.” I was kidding you dork. Actually I was being sarcastic.” Naya said with a small smile, as she ran a hand through her hair.” I know I shouldn’t feel guilty but I do. I would love for her to come out with us, you know? I hate that she is there by herself bored out of her mind, hating hospitals, but being in one. Heather is always feeling guilty when I spend to much time with her, especially when she is hurt. No matter how many times I tell her that I’m fine being there with her, she gets this look in her eyes, and I know she is still feeling guilty. I just hate that I can’t help her, that I can’t heal her.” Naya said before shaking her head.” Sorry.” She mumbled as she took a drink from her water.

Trip to the fair// The Next Day// Achele


Lea grunted as her fingers slid into Dianna- the shower paired with how soaked Dianna had become caused them to slide in and out easily, but Lea didn’t really want that. She wanted Dianna to feel it- not to be on edge every second, but instead to feel filled up. “Baby…I’m going to add another finger, okay? And I’m going to need you to be against the wall for support.” she waited for Dianna’s nod, since it was almost the position she was in with that man yesterday, but also the only way to make her feel better. After the ‘green light’ she pushed her girlfriend up against the shower wall, reveling in how her back arched away from the chilly tiles that caused her flushed body to react as if lava was meeting ice. Lea’s third finger slid into Dianna after she got somewhat settled, making a moan mixed with a whimper erupt from her. The brunette wasn’t slowing down, pounding into her to try to reach the spot that made her girlfriend always fall apart in her arms. The wet sounds filled the air, not even drowned out by the shower- and Lea continued to whisper words into Di’s ear, reminding her that she was only hers, and that no one else would touch her again as long as she was around. Lea could feel the muscles clench around her fingers, and knew Dianna was close.
double blond power//Dianna and Heather

Dianna rushed through her trailer, looking for things she needed to take with her. In one hand she held her turquoise bag and with the other hand she picked things she needed. Her mobile phone, her keys, her money bag and so on. She wanted to be fast today so she wouldn’t let Heather wait for too long. She put on her jacket, turned off the light and started her way in the direction of her car.

On the way to Naya’s house she stopped at a little shop where hopefully nobody would recognize her. She was thinking about bringing Heather flowers, but she decided for a box of chocolates, the ones who looked like seafood, since you can’t eat flowers, but chocolate.

When she arrived at the house, she parked her car on the street. After a short glance if people where on the street she got out of the car and crossed the street. Knocking or writing a text message? I don’t see a clock, so…Dianna knocked at the door, hoping that Heather would hear it. She was holding the box of chocolate in front of her and a smile showed up on her lips while waiting.

April Fools’ joke//Achele

Dianna was a little bit angry with Lea, because she had fooled her that bad. She wasn’t against April fools at all, but the topic Lea used was serious and when she put her mobile phone away after she had read the message of Lea that it was an april fool, she was still shivering. It was one of her worst nightmares: deciding between glee and the girl she loved. The only solution she could think of was, that they would have to stay away from eachother until glee ended, but Dianna wouldn’t be able to manage that, it would be a ‘mission impossible’. Dianna heard her phone and looked at it. Her anger disappeared when she read the sweet message. She hadn’t seen a NO with so many O’s. However, she wouldn’t let her get away that easy. With an evil grin she tipped in an answer. If Lea had enough time to think about fooling her, she could now think about making it up to her. Lea’s answer came fast. Dianna grabbed her bag and started her way over to Lea. When she arrived she controled her make-up in the car-mirror. She didn’t like that her eyes looked a bit swollen and the concealer couldn’t cover all of it. She shouldn’t have cried, but after reading the message she just couldn’t stop her tears. She got out of the car and went over to the door, curious about how Lea would it make up to her.

After a long working day- Achele


“Oh my god, I love your voice.” Lea murmured, not being able to think of anything else. She moved her leg up to hit against Dianna’s core, and felt the flesh on flesh contact barely a second before she moaned loudly. “Your singing is so sexy,” she whispered, and slid her hand down until her palm was pressing against Dianna’s clit, making the woman beneath her squirm. “Tell me…that you want me, and I’ll give you what you ask for. Otherwise, we can just lay here, you know, I could work with that too,” she laughed. “Tell me that you want my fingers inside of you,” she mumbled again.

Dianna was caught in the world of singing when Lea said something that brought her back to reality. She came back absolutely with her thoughts when she felt Lea’s leg between her legs shortly before Lea’s hand took over the place where her leg just had been. “You are the one that I want” she sang in Lea’s ear with a raspy voice. “I want you so much.” she whispered and giggled about the suggestion of just lying next to her, though she loved that too, but she wouldn’t be able to hold herself back for more than 3 seconds. “I want to feel you inside of me.” She managed to say the words before she could think too much about it and chicken out like a frightened little bunny. Although she was tuff, that tuffness seemed to melt away when she was with Lea. Maybe it meant that she could finally be herself when she was with her.   

After a long working day- Achele


Lea smiled in thanks when the towel was wrapped around her. She quickly dried herself off, and grabbed a pair of white lingerie that she had bought when deciding to change out her whole sleep wardrobe for her New Year’s resolution the year before. She laughed when she heard Dianna gasp at the chosen outfit. “Too much?” Lea pulled a red, loose fitting t-shirt to throw over the lingerie, where it would stay- at least until Dianna relaxed more. “Sorry. I forget that you don’t usually see what I wear to bed.” She laughed again, and brushed her hair before shaking it out. 

Lea looked like an angel in the white lingerie and Dianna couldn’t stop looking at her, gasping, because she was thinking about something that could describe her opinion about the lingerie, but she couldn’t find words so she just closed her mouth again. When Lea threw over a red t-shirt Dianna was glad that she wasn’t that distracted anymore, but disappointed on the other side cause it hid Lea’s beautiful body. She couldn’t believe that Lea was sleeping in this outfit. Why didn’t she sleep more often in the same bed as Lea? When she took out one of her black underpants and a shirt with a duck on it she was a little bit ashamed. Dianna turned around after throwing the t-shirt over and looked at Lea’s hair which looked like it flew. She reached out her hand to touch it and smiled when she felt the soft hair between her fingers. She laid her hands on Lea’s hips and looked her into the eyes. “What now?” She whispered, hoping that Lea’s answer wouldn’t be something like going off to sleep.

After a long working day- Achele


Lea sighed when she felt Dianna’s hands on her stomach. “I love you so much…” she murmured, and relaxed in her girlfriend’s arms. One of her most favorite things was to be hugged from behind; she didn’t know why but she felt perfectly contented at the moment, even while dying from sexual frustrations along with that. 
After a few minutes, she realized that they couldn’t just stand in there all day- well, they could if they had wanted to, but they’d look like prunes when they got out. “Dianna, hon, I think we should finish washing ourselves quickly so we can get out, alright?” She didn’t know what was going to happen next, with the way things had gone so far, but she wanted to take the next step forward, and see how things went. 

Dianna was just standing there behind Lea, holding her close, feeling the water running down her body and with her eyes closed. When she heard Lea’s voice she realized that she had been standing there for a while, but the times simply floated with Lea and even more when she was so close. Dianna nodded with her eyes still closed. “You are probably right.” She quickly kissed Lea’s neck and loosened her hands. Then she bent down to pick up the shower cream, poured some of it on her hand and handed it over to Lea. She laid her hands on Lea’s back and creamed it, making slow circles on her back. Afterwards she put lotion on her own body. They really should get out of the shower quickly or they would end up as frogs. After they washed the cream off them with water, Dianna left the shower and got two big towels. She wrapped one around herself and the other one around Lea when she stepped out of the shower. Dianna shook her head like a wet dog to dry her hair a bit.

After a long working day- Achele


Lea gazed back at Dianna. “I’m sorry for freaking out on you,” she said, blushing at how close they were standing; their bodies were pressed as close as they were at a certain event 2 years ago, but clothes weren’t an issue anymore. “How did we ever get away with standing this close, anywhere?” she laughed, but gasped when a slight shift left her lower abdomen pressed against Dianna’s. The feel of the lighter woman’s tight stomach muscles against her own was almost too much. “Shit.” Lea pulled back, knowing that if she got any closer, she would have no self-control whatsoever. 

Dianna had allready forgotten about the freak out of Lea… being so close to her let her forget all the things around her. At the moment only Lea mattered and she was the only thing that was on her mind, she just outshined everything else. Dianna was just caught in the moment. When Lea pulled away, Dianna had the feeling like something was missing…maybe the pressure she had felt against her body. Dianna worried that she had done anything wrong, but when she heard the <shit> out of Lea’s mouth she smiled. Maybe she was not the only one in this room who was fighting with her self-control. She was standing some inches away from Lea, watching how the water was running down Lea’s body. She slowly made a step so that she was standing behind Lea and wrapped her hands around her from behind, so that they were lying on Lea’s belly. She thought that Lea wouldn’t be in temptation with herself standing behind her. She leaned her head against Lea’s and kissed her hair.