Look inside you, find your true self
Phone Calls || Di and Mel


Melissa smiled when she saw Dianna’s name come up on her phone but frowned immediately when she read the text. “Ryan,” She yelled at the man in charge of their lives. “I’m going to get something to eat. I’ll be back in an hour.” Ryan just nodded and went back to what he was doing. Something wasn’t work right with the lights or something. Melissa didn’t know and she didn’t care. She was pretty hungry. She walked across the lot and quickly tapped Dianna’s number on her phone. She listened to it ring before the blonde picked up. “Dianna, are you okay?” She asked immediately, forgetting to say hello. 

Dianna was sitting on her couch with a glass of wine in her hand and her other hand on the pillow, grabbing it hard to let go off her aggressions. She has been really happy to be invited to the FOX party, but when she just didn’t want to think about the phone call she had some time ago with Ryan. Unbelievable. When her mobile phone started to play the song “I will wait” from Mumford & Suns she winced before she realized that it was just her ringtone. She quickly picked up the phone. “Hello, sweetheart, nice that you call me.” She provocatively emphasized the Hello since she didn’t hear one from the other side, before she realized that she probably had scared the girl with her message and that she know thought something bad had happened. “Oh, I am sorry, I didn’t want to scare you, nothing terrible happened.” She hoped that the sound of her voice told Mel that it wasn’t that terrible. “It’s just… I don’t know if you heard of the FOX party? Ryan just called me and” Di had to take a deep breath to suppress the anger. “Well, I know that I can’t come with Lea, because of the PR, but why have I to look for a date for it? Plus I bet Lea will have to go with Cory and I just can’t stop being jealous right now.”

Post-Spa//Lea & Dianna

The Spa visit had been funny and helped Dianna relax, but it didn’t solve the sorrows that she had. After she had said goodbye to Mel and was sitting in her car, she spontaniously decided to drive over to Lea’s place. Writing messages only made it worse. She wanted to talk personally with her. 

After a short drive she opened Lea’s front door. She heard voices from the living room and a blue light was shining from inside. Like Dianna had thought, Lea was watching TV. She stepped around the corner and stopped in the doorframe. Leaning against it. When she saw the silhoutte of Lea on the couch, her heart contracted. On the one side she couldn’t be angry with the girl she loved, but on the other side, there was still anger inside her, and sadness. Her hands were buried deep in her pockets. “Hey.” She said to get Lea’s attention. Her voice sounded a little bit cracked.

Relaxing @Spa// Melissa & Dianna

Dianna got there, changed into her bikini and placed herself on a comfortable lounger in the silence-area. With a freshly squeezed orange juice and a card with the possible treatments she half lied there and tried to concentrate deciding which treatment she should choose. From time to time thoughts like wishing she would be there with Lea wandered through her mind, but she pushed them away.

When she checked her mobile phone after a while again she got a new message. Mel should be in the room with the lockers soon, so she started her way in that direction. She had even chosen some things she would prefer and had marked them with a red pen. The whirlpool was definitely on her list, and other things like the hot stone massage sounded interesting too.

First Steps//Heather+Lea+Dianna

Dianna picked up Lea with her car and they hit the road in the direction of Heather’s house after she kissed her girlfriend. She was really looking forward to see that video and she was really happy for her friend and proud that she had managed to do that. On the other side she was kind of nervous what Heather would say when they told her that they were a couple now.

After she parked the car in the driveway, she took Lea’s hand for a second and caught a breath before she let go of it and left the car. She arrived at the door first and opened it. “Hey sweetheart, we are here.” She shouted while she took off her shoes.

Love Vegas// Achele

Dianna had just said goodbye and entered the elevator. She pushed the button of the floor Lea had her room and leaned against the wall. The evening had been very nice and the show had been incredible, but she just hadn’t been able to stop thinking about Lea and she was really happy that she would see her soon. She thought back about a certain sentence of the cute brunette and smiled over the cheekyness of Lea. You can do whatever you want. Including me later. Had she meant it serious? Or had it been just flirting? Well, if she had it meant serious, Dianna couldn’t say, what exactly she wanted to do with her. The elevator finally arrived. When she walked down the floor she stumbled, maybe she shouldn’t have worn such high shoes, or maybe she also felt a little dizzy because of the few fancy drinks she had drunkt. However, they looked so special at Vegas and even tasted different. With the shoes in her hands, she reached Lea’s room and took out the key card of her bag. She opened the room and wondered about the fact that it was dark inside. After she turned on the lights, she took out the mobile phone when she heard giggling from the next room. She made her way to the interconnecting door and laid her ear on it. Maybe it were Heather and Lea, but she couldn’t hear it very good, it could also be Hemo and Naya, who knew? She let herself fall on the bed in her black-knee long dress and started to write Lea a message. If it really were Lea in the next room, she didn’t want to interrupt them and she wanted to be alone with her and maybe entering the room wouldn’t give them the chance to leave the room soon. Since it would be kind of conspicuous. <Honey, are you with Heather? I think I heard you two laugh, but I am not sure. I am in your room and it’s so empty without you :( -kiss Di>


Max had made sure to get the best possible seats and he had the printout from his laptop tucked into his blazer as he left his room. Getting to go to Vegas had been a brilliant idea and hanging out with his friends again was definitely one of the best ideas that had ever been put up. He had his…

Dianna entered the lpbby and let het eyes wander around. First she couldn’ t see any hint of max but then her eyes discovered a seat with probably him on it. He had his back turned in her direction amd she decided to surprise him with a hug from behind. Hopefully it was really him and not a stranger. She leaned over the back of the seat and wrapped her arms around his neck from behind. “heyyy, haven’t seen you for so long.”she shouted, half in his ear. “oops, sorry, I am just so excited.”

Sweet Kittens//Dianna & Lea

The night before, Dianna had thought about when she would be able to see Lea again, and she couldn’t believe that she was back in LA, what meant that she could see her again soon. Dianna tried to ignore the warm feeling in her stomach, but she recognized that ignoring wouldn’t work, so she told herself that it was only the happiness about seeing a good friend again. (She tried to forget that it felt more like one hundred butterflies). Dianna quickly tidied up a bit, put two glasses on the couch table and placed a bottle of red wine next to it. She sank on the sofa, but stood up again to light the two purple candles. After she dimmed the light, she stood up again and blew them out. What am I doing? Stop it. Just calm down, Dianna. She advised herself. She let herself sink on the couch again and started to bite her nales while she tried to concentrate on the book she had taken in her hands and tried to read, but instead of letters she saw the image of a girl with brown hair and brown eyes in front of her. She looked at her watch, again, and started to wandering when Lea would arrive.

Autumn Leaves and story telling// Dianna & Heather

Dianna looked through her camera and took another photo of the beautiful autumn leaves. The sun was shining and made them shine in the most amazing colours: orange, red and yellow. The vibration of her phone brough Di back to reality. She checked her messaged and a smile occured on her face. Heather would unlock her door for her, so she would finally get all the details about the proposal. First she walked slowly in the direction of Hemo’s house, but her steps became bigger and bigger, since her curiosity grew too. When she arrived at the front door, she opened it and shouted inside with excitement: “Hey Heather. It’s me, Dianna. I am here, wanting to know every single detail.”

I want to wake up in that City-NY//Achele

The plane finally landed after a flight that had seemed endless. Maybe it was because Dianna was looking forward to see Lea so much, that she couldn’t stand the excitement anymore. She finally wanted to be able to hug her and hear her beautiful laughter again. While she was waiting for her suitase at the baggage carousel, she stretched her body and moved her body a bit to the music that streamed out of the earphones in her ears. The carousel started moving and she didn’t have to wait for long until she spotted her black suitcase. She made her way in the direction of the exit. Her heart was beating faster than normal and a big smile was on her face. Images of Lea’s deep brown eyes, her brown silk hair and her sweet smile flashed through her mind. Her steps grew and she had to hold herself back, or she probably would have started running through the crowded hall of the airport. The wish of letting her fingers run through the beautiful brown her of Lea grew bigger and bigger. Dianna shook her head to make it go away or at least think of something different, but there were only two other things she could think of: Lea’s lips that looked way too soft and delicious and the words that she had written-I mean, we have to kuddle.Dianna kept asking herself whether Lea really meant what she had written or if she was just kidding. She really hoped that Lea missed the kuddling as much as she did. A blazing light jolted her out of her daydreams and thinking. The sunglasses she was wearing didn’t seem to work, a papparazzi had seen her and continued taking pictures. She smiled a friendly smile in his direction when she passed him. It was good, that the camera didn’t show what she was thinking.

Taking a walk//Dianna & Mark


Mark walked with a towel around his waist towards his closet. Dianna was going to be here within thirty minutes, enough time for him to get ready. As he started to get ready he turned on the radio. He was just happy at this point. It was great to be back on the set for a few shoots with everybody. You could say he was just bored when he wasn’t at the set, maybe it wasn’t a great idea to say no to the movie project in Amsterdam. Well, it wasn’t something he could change.

Mark pulled on his shirt when he heard the doorbell. “Give me two minutes!” He screamed through the music. Quickly he jumped in his shoes and grabbed his wallet, keys and mobile. He turned of the music and made his way over to the door. “Hey you..” He said as he opened it. Placing a quick kiss on her cheek. “So are you ready? Or do you first want to come inside for a drink?”

Dianna heard the music from inside and she moved with the rhythm of it. A second before the door was opened, the music was turned off. When Mark came out of the door she smiled at him and when he kissed her cheek she slung her arms around his waist. She thought about his offer for a second. “You are really a bad boy. It’s in the afternoon and you are already offering me a drink. However, I am a bad girl too, since I am really thinking seriously about the offer.” A childish giggle came out of her mouth and she shrugged her shoulders. “We should probably first take a walk and take a drink afterwards. Three reasons: first, the fresh air would increase the influence of alcohol. Secondly, after the walk it wouldn’t be that early in the afternoon and thirdly, how I know us it wouldn’t remain with one drink and we would stay in your house the whole evening and miss the fresh air.” Dianna linked her arm with Mark’s and started to walk down his driveway. “However, we can take only a short walk and return to your house soon. So, how are you doing? How are things?”