Look inside you, find your true self
After a long working day- Achele


Lea smiled in thanks when the towel was wrapped around her. She quickly dried herself off, and grabbed a pair of white lingerie that she had bought when deciding to change out her whole sleep wardrobe for her New Year’s resolution the year before. She laughed when she heard Dianna gasp at the chosen outfit. “Too much?” Lea pulled a red, loose fitting t-shirt to throw over the lingerie, where it would stay- at least until Dianna relaxed more. “Sorry. I forget that you don’t usually see what I wear to bed.” She laughed again, and brushed her hair before shaking it out. 

Lea looked like an angel in the white lingerie and Dianna couldn’t stop looking at her, gasping, because she was thinking about something that could describe her opinion about the lingerie, but she couldn’t find words so she just closed her mouth again. When Lea threw over a red t-shirt Dianna was glad that she wasn’t that distracted anymore, but disappointed on the other side cause it hid Lea’s beautiful body. She couldn’t believe that Lea was sleeping in this outfit. Why didn’t she sleep more often in the same bed as Lea? When she took out one of her black underpants and a shirt with a duck on it she was a little bit ashamed. Dianna turned around after throwing the t-shirt over and looked at Lea’s hair which looked like it flew. She reached out her hand to touch it and smiled when she felt the soft hair between her fingers. She laid her hands on Lea’s hips and looked her into the eyes. “What now?” She whispered, hoping that Lea’s answer wouldn’t be something like going off to sleep.