Look inside you, find your true self
After a long working day- Achele

Dianna fished her key out of her bag when she was standing in front of her house. It was evening and dark outside. She looked up to Lea’s window and recognized with a smile that her lights were on. Dianna had to shoot much longer than Lea today, since she had do redo a scene with Naya and Heather again and again. She unlocked the door and entered the warm hallway, immediately throwing her shows in one corner and hanging her coat on the cloak hanger. Her feet hurt and she just wanted to sit down so she went directly to the sofa in the living room. She stretched her legs and laid them on the small table in front of her. “Leaaaa?? Are you here? If yes, I would love to come up, but my feet hurt so much. Would you mind come down?” Dianna shouted ladylike.